Liquid Instant Loans? Consider These Things First Before Borrowing

Even though the offer of a liquid direct lender is fluid. However, it’s best to take these five security precautions before applying for a loan. Don’t panic, dude!

Offering online direct lending services,   these days it’s been a lot of fun. How can I not? If you as a customer had to go to a bank to apply for a loan, it is now possible to do everything online. You don’t even have to go to one bank or another to find the best interest loan, as it can be compared to any online site.

Not to mention much Good Finance or financial technologies are increasingly spoiling the customer through the submission process. All you need is a government ID, uploading the entire requirements document, the loan can be approved in less than a day.

It’s easy right?


However, looking at the many news outlets online fraudulent lending services seems to make it easy to overlook the advantages they offer.

Not all liquid direct lending providers online have the same application methods and security systems. Of course all Good Finances have different requirements. It does not mean that the process of applying for a loan at Good Finance minimizes risk. However, due to technology, the risks are more apparent than conventional bank loans.

Some of these are very high interest rates because they are calculated on a daily basis, until the loan agreement is unclear. If this happens, the customer will surely be at his or her worst risk. Of course Dude doesn’t want that to happen, right?

Well, it would be best for you to pay attention to the following before applying for a straightforward liquid liquid loan online. Check out the reviews here!

Liquid Direct Light Loans, The following Things to Consider Before Applying

Liquid Direct Light Loans, The following Things to Consider Before Applying

If you’re planning on applying for a loan, it’s not easy to be overwhelmed by the services offered by fast online lending. However, not all Good Finances or online loans are at risk. You as a customer need to be smart in choosing an online loan service provider. One way is to consider the following five security aspects:

Privacy Policy and Security Policy Important to Check Back

Did you ever get a phone call or SMS offering a loan product? It is very likely that your personal data has been entered into several marketing affiliates in the field of lending. It could be that you have applied for a loan before, so your personal data is recorded and disseminated.

When deciding to use Good Finance services to apply for a loan online, you should be more careful. One way is to read and carefully read the Privacy Policy, Security Policy, and any information related to how Good Finance manages its customer data. In addition to avoiding the risk of data abuse, this can also prevent incoming phone calls and SMS interruptions that include unclear offers.

Registered with OJK

Although there are many online money lending providers in Indonesia. However, not all providers are credible and trustworthy. Therefore, you need to be careful in choosing it. To be able to choose an online money lender   trustworthiness, there is one important thing to keep in mind, which is to be supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK), and verified. OJK as an official agency overseeing the running of Good Finance activities in Indonesia, has a list of lending agencies they oversee.

According to Indonesian Consumer Protection Foundation (YLKI) data, there are 50 consumer complaints about online credit fraud, and most of the companies that are complained of are not registered with OJK. To avoid further casualties, check back the list on OJK’s official website to minimize future losses.

Check the Loan Agreement


Lending agreements are one of the most important aspects of the online lending process, both online and conventional as banking. In the agreement, it will typically include loan amount, interest rate, agreed tenor term, and other key points regarding the condition of the customer and lender. Due to the urgent need to complete the application process, it is not uncommon for the customer to read and verify the contents of the agreement. But at this point you know your rights and obligations as a borrower.

Not just conventional lending institutions, technology-based online lending agreements are also important and must be delivered to customers, for example in the form of digital documents sent via email. A loan agreement can be a valid piece of evidence for both the borrower or the Good Finance, to fulfill their obligations and to fulfill the agreed terms. If in the event of a deviation, for example, the installment in the application does not comply with the agreement, then you have strong evidence to file a claim up to the claim.

Calculate Loan Capability and View Purpose of Funding

It is important to ask yourself again, in the future, when it comes to liquid loan funds, what are your plans for using it? If these funds are for consumer needs only, you might want to rethink them. Why is that? Because online lending quickly melts pretty expensive flowers. On the other hand, when the purpose of fundraising is to increase venture capital or for productive purposes, it can still be considered after careful calculation.

Then, remember to also calculate your ability to repay the online loan. Never apply for a loan without first carefully measuring your financial ability to repay the loan. You should refer to sound financial principles. The installment load that a person can bear is up to 30% of your total monthly income.

Loan Services Using Encryption Guarantee

The last thing to keep in mind is that there is a guarantee of encryption on the online loan service provider’s site. What is Encryption? Encryption is a system implemented for the purpose of securing the data or information contained on the site so that it is not readable by other unauthorized persons. The form is SSL certificate and HTTPS protocol. Most HTTPS encryption methods and protocols are commonly used for sites or applications used to transact online.

All loan institution sites should ideally use this security system. Why, all the data on the site, regardless of its nature, is important and could be a hindrance for hackers to commit crimes. It primarily uses Good Finance services whose site protects HTTPS, not HTTP, and has a clear data encryption guarantee in its privacy policy and on-site security policy.