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NEW YORK, June 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ASAPP, Inc., the AI ​​Cloud Company, released its CX report: “Is the Future of Service at Home?” which reveals that 85% of customer service agents want to work full-time from home and not return to contact center offices.

“Contact center operations are rethinking how to make their agents perform better, which requires a whole new way of thinking and operating. This will require new investment in technologies that transform contact center agent productivity beyond the constraints of incremental technology. Bringing in the 85% of agents who want to work from home (WFH) could avoid competition for employees from other industries and help reduce recruitment costs and attrition rates,” said Macario Namie ASAPP, Director of the strategy.

“Contact centers have the greatest opportunity in decades to improve agent productivity through artificial intelligence technology, new automation processes and workflows, which can also respond to labor demands. CX workforce wherever they work.With approximately $15 billion spent each year in the United States on contact center real estate, which is junk and unused, the funds could be reallocated to new technology investments.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of people working in customer service has grown 53% over the past 20 years to about 3 million people, 15 million of them worldwide. “Over the past 20 years, legacy contact center technology has over-promised and fallen short of delivering effective automation, cost savings and productivity,” Namie said.

According to the latest ASAPP CX report, nearly nine in ten agents want to see more aspects of customer interactions automated. “Now, with AI Native technology, automation becomes easier to build and integrate with enterprise systems. Automation should not be viewed as exclusively in the realm of containment and deflection. In fact, automation can be fused with live agent interaction to dramatically improve the experience for businesses, employees, and customers,” added Namie.

Phone support is the most expensive channel for contact center operations, and it limits agents to handling one customer at a time. Over the past two decades, diversion technologies such as virtual assistants and interactive voice response (IVR) systems have helped redirect customers to chat and messaging channels that increase the number of customers an agent can handle at the same time. messaging has improved their work.

To help increase agent usage of chat and messaging, and therefore increase the number of customers an agent can handle at one time, businesses should consider messaging that automates message composition, routine and summary notes, plus enhanced training and automation that increase usability and performance. metric.

How agents interact with customers

93% of agents use the telephone 60% of agents use email 43% use chat or messaging 29% use video conferencing.

“As traditional vendors focus on containing and diverting customer interactions, better-designed technology and more training will be needed to increase the adoption of non-voice channels if companies are to scale customer support in a meaningful way. more affordable,” Namie said.

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The ASAPP CX report was based on a survey of 572 customer support, sales, and technical agents who live and work in the United States. The survey was conducted from March to April 2022 in partnership with Researchscape International.

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