Changes to F1 Life, Supercars and Career modes – GTPlanet

With only a few weeks until F1 22 launches, Codemasters sent out another preview build of the game, allowing us to sample some of the new game modes and features available in the new title.

It starts with “F1 Life”, a sort of Facebook profile (or, more correctly, a MySpace profile) but for your F1 22 life. It basically consists of a number of customizable areas – including yourself, but more on that later – that your friends can visit, and vice versa. Although in this version we had five AI guests, which was a bit scary.

You can customize the furniture, floor, walls, lighting, upholstery and artwork in F1 Life to give it the most personal touch possible – although you will need to progress through the game to unlock many items, and some are only available if you have VIP access.

However, it is still possible to create an interesting pad for yourself, even with some of the basic elements, as you can see below:

In addition to the various items available, you can also customize your player avatar with casual clothing. For the most part, you’ll have to spend those precious PitCoins to get them, though some unique items are also included in the Podium Pass.

Despite the wide range of branded gear in F1 Life, there doesn’t seem to be any crossover with the other game modes. Although you can race with the usual variety of fictional sponsors on your F1 car, it doesn’t seem like be – at this stage at least – leakage of these real brands; F1 drivers don’t wear Beats and Puma unless they’re also sponsored by them…

The last part of F1 Life might be the most anticipated: Supercars. You have six slots around your lair available to park any supercars you may have earned, although with eight available you may have to choose. These are, for reference, the Aston Martin DB11, Aston Martin Vantage, Ferrari F8 Tributo, Ferrari Roma, McLaren 720S, McLaren Artura, Mercedes-AMG GT R and Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series.

You’ll earn tokens for buying supercars via in-game tasks – we’ve only reached the third, and it only required driving 40 miles in all game modes – then view them in your F1 hub Life to show.

On top of that, there are 40 special challenges for supercars, ranging from a checkpoint challenge and an average speed test to autocross and drifting. You can get there either by selecting the car and choosing to drive it, or from the supercar menu.

There are also Pirelli Hot Laps events across the two main campaign modes, in Career and My Team, and it doesn’t look like you’re limited to just supercars from your chosen engine/team, so feel free to get off the mark. At the moment it doesn’t look like you can race the supercars against each other, only drive time trials and challenges.

These main game modes also have subtle changes. In My Team, you can now choose to start with a variety of budgets and performance levels, from “New” to “Front-Runner”. Career and My Team also bring new departmental events that affect your car development and team morale, as well as a lingering narrative thread that sees your past decisions affect later matters.

F1 22 will launch on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series and PC via Epic, Origin, Steam and EA Play on July 1, 2022. There are three days of early access for players purchasing the Champions Edition, which also includes 18 000 PitCoins, unique F1 Life items and Aston Martin and Mercedes-AMG safety cars as drivable supercars.