Dr Gaurav Tiwari from Bangalore Wins Award for Excellence in Facial Aesthetics in Mumbai

Bangalore, August 3: Dr Gaurav Tiwari, BDS, PGDCC and FIFA certified, wins the award for excellence in facial aesthetics. He won the prestigious award at the Indian Health Professional Awards 2020 ceremony. The award ceremony took place on March 13, 2021 in Mumbai. This award is his second consecutive victory in the Indian Health Professional Awards category to date.

Dr Gaurav Tiwari is a multi-talented healthcare professional. He is a renowned dentofacial cosmetic surgeon and a certified cosmetologist. He is the founder of popular clinics of professional health service providers Botocosm and Trust in multispecialty healthcare. He has published several informative articles in the Global Journal of Research Analysis. The published articles describe in detail the use of Botox to correct a gummy smile.

The brilliant cosmetic dentofacial surgeon is a remarkably intuitive instructor in the field. He is an honest and highly knowledgeable instructor in advanced laser cosmetology, micropigmentation, hair transplantation, and facial aesthetics. He is an experienced administrator at Dentomax International Academy. He had the privilege of meeting Bollywood celebrities, Johnny Lever and Ali Khan as well.

Dr Gaurav is also an Honorary Faculty Member and Distinguished Instructor at Dentomax International Academy. The academy is a sub-center of the Delhi Health and Research Institute. It is one of the most pioneering and prestigious institutes in India. The main objective of the institute is to meet the unique and educational needs of professionals in the industry. The academy received accreditation shortly after its inception.

Dentomax International Academy offers admission and guidance in the rapidly evolving industry of cosmetic facial surgery. Future cosmetic facial surgeons can find the best admission advice and counseling here. The academy is also an authorized admission and counseling center for several recognized universities like Singhaniya University of Rajasthan. These universities have been widely recognized by HRD, AIU, UGC, AICTE, DEC and the Indian government.

Dr Gaurav Tiwari originally belongs to the Bastar district of Chhattisgarh located in central India. Jagdalpur is the seat of the Bastar district. He has been a renowned dentofacial cosmetic surgery practitioner in Bangalore in the past. six years.

Dr Gaurav aims to inspire all young aspiring cosmetic surgery professionals, especially from his home district, Bastar. He believes that the people of his home district have great potential. He wants to pass on his skills and tools to the inhabitants of his district. With the sole hope of inspiring them to become future health surgeons like him.

Thousands of patients and clients trust the services of the eminent cosmetic facial surgeon and instructor. He is the best person to contact for all types of cosmetic dentofacial surgery, Botox, advanced laser cosmetology, micro pigmentation, and hair transplant services.

In 2019, Dr Gaurav Tiwari was pleased to receive an Indian Health Professional Awards from favorite Bollywood villain, Badman.Gulshan Grover. His acclaimed healthcare services paved the way for his huge success in the healthcare and research industry. His exemplary health services and published research papers surely set him apart from healthcare professionals in the industry.

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