First-Ever List of Top 50 Bars in North America Released

The first-ever list of the 50 Best Bars in North America was counted down at a live awards ceremony in New York City on June 7.

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JTuesday night’s mood inside Capitale, a midtown Manhattan venue, was jovial, festive and at times downright giddy as bartenders from across North America gathered for the first-ever awards ceremony. price of The 50 Best Bars in North America.

New York City attaboy clinched first place, blasting the home crowd to cheers.

As founders Sam Ross and Michael McIlroy and star bartender and general manager Haley Traub took the stage, Ross joked, “It just says the winners speech on the blower and I’m like, woah that’s us!” After the three put their thoughts together, Traub dedicated the award to all the bartenders in attendance, saying, “We’re only as good as we are thanks to the rest of you pushing us to be the best.”

Celebrating its 10th anniversary later this year, Attaboy carries the torch of Milk & Honey to the original location of this iconic Lower East Side bar, where Ross and McIlroy apprenticed under bar legend Sasha Petraske. The absence of any cocktail menu has been a feature of the bar since it opened, allowing patrons to chat with the bartenders who then create a bespoke drink for them.

“You choose to come to these venues to hang out and have a good time, and the cocktail menus can often be a little underwhelming,” Ross said at the post-ceremony press conference. “Instead of looking at a 27-page cocktail menu, you chat with us, and we basically go to the section of the cocktail menu you’re looking for. You give us confidence, and I hope with the number one bar in North America, we will have a little more confidence.

Attaboy was appointed to the 50 best bars in the world list every year since opening, and won the Remy Martin Legend for the 2021 List.

Attaboy is located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan on Eldridge Street between Broome and Delancey streets.

The winners of North America’s 50 Best Bars were chosen based on the votes of more than 220 voters, comprised of anonymous North American bar industry experts, including bartenders, bar owners and beverage media from the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

And while NYC claimed 11 spots, it’s hard to escape the fact that bars across Mexico continued to be called out, as the country also clinched 11 spots – and each time the crowds erupted in cheers. noisy. Mexico City managed to pick up six awards, including two of the top three, which went to Handshake Speakeasy (#2), which was also named Mexico’s Best Bar and number 25 on the World’s 50 Best Bars 2021 list, and Licorería Limantour (No. 3). During the press conference following the ceremony, Eric Van Beek of Handshake Speakeasy pointed out that the markets of Mexico City were the inspiration and the literal ingredients of his inventive cocktails.

Canadian bars were also well represented, with the country receiving eight awards, including Toronto’s Civil Liberties which placed 10th, which also won Best Bar in Canada, and Halifax’s Bar Kismet ( No. 49), which has been named the Ketel One Sustainable. Bar. Bartender and Social Justice Champion Christina Veira of Toronto’s Bar Mordecai (#47) has received the Roku Industry Icon, awarded to the person who has done the most for the progress of the bar industry than any other person.

The Caribbean were less present, with only two winners. La Factoría de Puerto Rico was crowned the best bar in the Caribbean and obtained the 12the spot on the list, while El Floridita in Havana, Cuba, came in at number 40. Carlos Irizarry of La Factoría said at the press conference after the awards ceremony: “It’s an honor to be part of of the global conversation.”

The United States had a strong representation, which is not surprising given that it is the largest country in North America and a hotbed of mixology innovation. In addition to New York’s 11 awards, Miami and Los Angeles each picked up three spots. Chicago’s Kumiko came in at number 5 and earned Best Bar in the Midwest and Washington, DC came in on the list at number 18 with Service Bar. Raised by Wolves in San Diego won 19e slot and New Orleans’ Jewel of the South came in at number 24. Two Death & Co locations made the list, at numbers 36 for Denver and 34 for Los Angeles. The original NYC location was noticeably absent.

In addition to Attaboy getting the top spot, other NYC winners included Katana Kitten (#4), whose bartender Masahiro Urushido also won the Altos Bartenders bartending title; Dante (#8); Double Chicken Please (#17); Amor y Amargo (No. 23); Dear Irving (#26); Overstory (#27), which also won Michter’s Art of Hospitality Award; Employees only (#30); the dead rabbit (No. 31); Mace (No. 35), which also received the best Siete Misterios cocktail menu; and Clover Club (No. 43).

Here is the complete list of the 50 best bars in North America:

  1. Attaboy, New York
  2. Speakeasy handshake, Mexico
  3. Licoreria Limantour, Mexico City
  4. Kitten Katana, New York
  5. Kumiko, Chicago
  6. Cafe La Trova, Miami
  7. Bar Baltra, Mexico City
  8. Dante, New York
  9. Love at first sight, Los Angeles
  10. Civil Liberties, Toronto
  11. Bar Zapote, Playa del Carmen
  12. La Factoria, San Juan
  13. Kaito del Valle, Mexico City
  14. Sweet Liberty, Miami
  15. Nadie’s Cafe, Mexico City
  16. Hanky ​​Panky, Mexico City
  17. Double Chicken Please, New York
  18. Service bar, Washington, DC
  19. Raised by Wolves, San Diego
  20. Sabina Sabe, Oaxaca
  21. El Gallo Altanero, Guadalajara
  22. Selva, Oaxaca
  23. Amor and Amargo, New York
  24. Jewel of the South, New Orleans
  25. The Keefer Bar, Vancouver
  26. Dear Irving, New York
  27. Overstory, New York
  28. Herbs and Rye, Las Vegas
  29. Bar El Pequeno, Montreal
  30. Employees only, New York
  31. The Dead Rabbit, New York
  32. Broken Shaker, Miami
  33. Friends and Family, Oakland
  34. Death & Co., Los Angeles
  35. Mace, New York
  36. Mort & Co., Denver
  37. Arca, Tulum
  38. Mother, Toronto
  39. ABV, San Francisco
  40. El Floridita, Havana
  41. Bar Raval, Toronto
  42. Leather bar apron, Honolulu
  43. Clover Club, New York
  44. Bitter and twisted, Phoenix
  45. Cloakroom Bar, Montreal
  46. Julep, Houston
  47. Bar Mordecai, Toronto
  48. Teardrop Lounge, Portland
  49. Bar Kismet, Halifax
  50. Juniper, Los Angeles