Jimmy Fallon teases Blake Shelton about not making guest list for Gwen Stefani wedding

Jimmy fallon leave alone Blake Shelton know what it feels like not to make the cut!

the Tonight show the host, 47, playfully confronted the 45-year-old country star about not being invited to her July wedding for Gwen Stefani on the late night show Thursday.

Fallon showed off a photo of Shelton and Stefani kissing near their cake on the big day, and The voice The coach (who has appeared virtually) joked that he and his now wife “like to go through with our publicity stunts. So we figured we were just going to go ahead and make the deal.” .

Bursting out in laughter, Fallon said, “I just thought it was beautiful. I mean, I haven’t heard from you or anything, you know that personally and say, ‘Hey, Jimmy, what? ‘what are you doing? Are you busy this week? ‘ “

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“You know there hasn’t been a lot of planning. I understand. Who is planning a wedding, you know? He impassive. “Anyway, I just remember not being invited.”

Blake Shelton in an interview with host Jimmy Fallon

Sean Gallagher / NBC / NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Shelton was quick to point out that an NBC host had received an invitation—- Carson Daly, Who officiated the wedding at the singer’s ranch in Oklahoma.

“We only had room for one NBC host at the wedding, so we had Carson,” the groom said.

Nodding, Fallon replied, “That’s right, yeah, but I’ve known you and Gwen for a long time and I just figured it out… I was just sitting at the house, trying to read on Twitter, how is the wedding… anyway, it looked like a blast! “

Hoping he could at least mark a memory, Fallon asked if the couple saved “a piece of cake” for him. Smiling, the Body language the singer remained silent as the audience laughed.

Clapping, Shelton joked that Tonight’s show The host was trying to make him look bad on national television, and Fallon agreed he couldn’t be mad. Taking another pic, he shared side-by-side back photos of Shelton and Stefani as children, striking the same pose with their hands raised to their chin.

Blake Shelton return photos

Blake Shelton return photos

Tonight’s Show with Jimmy Fallon

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“How can you be mad at this little guy?” Fallon asked.

Without skipping a beat, Shelton declared, “This is when Gwen and I were brother and sister,” and the host burst into anger.

“Years ago, that was years ago,” he joked.

Last month a source said PEOPLE that the couple Shelton and Stefani always bask in their honeymoon phase – and master the art of balancing their busy schedule with quality time.

“Gwen and Blake are doing fine. They are acting like honeymooners,” the source said. “They have the best chemistry.”