KT edit: How acts of kindness bind societies together – News

Three good men – a Moroccan caretaker, a Pakistani seller and an Indian driver – came to the rescue of a pregnant cat who fell from a balcony in Deira.

On Tuesday evening, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, shared a video on his Twitter account: of three good men – a Moroccan guard, a Pakistani salesman and an Indian driver – coming to the rescue of a pregnant cat who fell from a balcony in Deira.

While the owner of a grocery store (the fourth man) filmed the “operation” on his smartphone, the cat managed to land on its feet, safe and sound, thanks to the timely intervention of three men who did not know each other. not but have now become friends and have even created a WhatsApp group to keep in touch. What brought them together was a desire to help, a desire to be kind and compassionate – and to go the extra mile.

“Proud and happy to see such acts of kindness in our beautiful city. Anyone who identifies these unsung heroes, help us thank them, ”Sheikh Mohammed tweeted on the share. The video, as we all know, has gone viral. Internet users were ecstatic and everyone was happy that the cat and her litter of unborn kittens were “fine”. But it took the sensitivity of a person of Sheikh Mohammed’s courage to tell a bigger story. That in the brevity of the heartwarming clip is the story of Dubai: a city that is home to a multitude of nationalities, living and working together in peace and harmony. It takes a certain vibe – emotional, physical, spiritual – for residents to get involved.

These men weren’t demagoguery or playing the social media gallery: it was an act that happened out of empathetic reflex; and it’s a kind of act that comes back over and over, at times when you least expect it, reestablishing the driving force of intention.

In many parts of the world, Dubai is known as a city of glitz and glamor; some reports point to his “soullessness” evidenced by the generosity of excess – which is invariably associated with soul-crushing materialism. It takes a little incident like the story of the cat to set the record straight. These random acts of kindness have always been the kind of thing that brings a society together, blurring classist – and artificial – boundaries, emphasizing the need to come together. And that’s something Dubai is good at. The fact that the ruler of the emirate recognizes a debt of gratitude to the “unsung heroes” immediately raises the bar of the parameters of a society.

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