Mayhem releases animated video for energetic new song “Black Glass Communion”

Mayhem releases animated video for energetic new song

Black Metal band Mayhem have released their new single “Black Glass Communion”. The track was released from their latest EP Atavistic black disorder / Kommando. The EP was released last month and the band previously shared the songs “Everlasting Dying Flame” and “Voces Ab Alta”. With the release of their new song, the band released all of their original songs from the EP. The short recording also includes covers of The Ramones, Dead Kennedys and more.

To accompany the release of their new song, the group shared a dark animated video. The PRP shared a statement from Zev Deans who helped edit the video, “When approaching a metal music video, some may roll their eyes and say ‘How many times do I have to watch a ritual sacrifice? satanic before seeing anything new? ‘ He continues, “But for any true Satanist, ritual is an essential part of life that you have to repeat over and over again with the same sincerity and enthusiasm that you brought to your first time. The very nature of the ritual is that it is repetitive, a mantra, a drone that reverberates through different bodies and different times.

As expected, the video for “Black Glass Communion” is all black metal, dark and bloody. Yes, audiences have seen metal bands and satanic rituals before, but does that bother them? The animation of the video is done in a 60s horror movie poster style. This is mainly because of the harsh contrasts between the black and the many red elements throughout the video, oh, and because of the appearance of the horror character Nosferatu.

Musically, the song is not surprising either. It’s all the way of the Norwegian Black Metal band, harsh riffs and even harsher vocals.

The band were scheduled to perform at the famous Psycho Vegas festival this year, but due to visa issues caused by travel restrictions, the band eventually had to cancel their show.


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