Morgan, accompanied by a “chicken”, knocks Fung again during the debates

CRANSTON, RI (WPRI) – Republican gubernatorial candidate Patricia Morgan brought a feathered friend to Cranston town hall on Wednesday as she continued to hammer rival Allan Fung for refusing to debate her on the television.

A person in chicken costume – described by Morgan’s campaign as “Al the Debate Chicken” – accompanied the parliamentary minority leader to town hall, where she brought a letter to Fung asking him to join. her in several debates.

So far, Fung has only accepted one radio debate hosted by Tory host John DePetro. It is scheduled to air on Woonsocket-based WNRI on the Friday before Labor Day. A third GOP candidate, Giovanni Feroce, is also participating.

“Mayor Fung has spent the last few months perfecting ‘No Comment’ on almost every question,” Morgan said in a statement. “Remarkably, he even declined to meet with the media after his own launch announcement. If Fung doesn’t show up in front of voters in a statewide forum, they shouldn’t trust him with their votes.

A representative from Fung’s office told reporters that they “don’t play politics in town hall.” Fung himself mocked Morgan’s stunt on social media, tweeting: “I thought I vetoed the Chicken Ordinance in Cranston.” His campaign also photoshopped the chicken sign to say, “Take me seriously. “

Fung spokesman Andrew Augustus added: “We look forward to debating Mr Feroce and Representative Morgan soon. Allan continues to travel the state, speaking to voters about Rhode Islander safety, his success story at Cranston, and why he is the only candidate who can beat Governor Raimondo in the fall.

WPRI 12 invited Fung and incumbent Democratic Gina Raimondo to participate in the pre-primary debates, but neither campaign accepted the invitation. Democrat Matt Brown also criticized Raimondo for refusing to debate him.

This is far from the first time that candidates from Rhode Island have sought to make the refusal of their main opponents to make televised debates a problem.

In 1992 Democrat Frank Flaherty forced incumbent Governor Bruce Sundlun to accept a second televised debate days before the primaries, and in 1988 Democrat Scott Wolf lambasted incumbent MP Fernand St Germain for refusing to debate him.

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Marcos Valentin contributed to this report.

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