Providence Country Day School cuts tuition fees by over 35%

EAST PROVIDENCE, RI (WPRI) – The Providence Country Day School (PCD) has unveiled “The Quest,” a plan that redefines the private school experience.

“The Quest” aims to make private education more personalized, less expensive and specially designed to prepare students to “thrive in the complex world of tomorrow”.

On Thursday morning, school officials plan to announce the program to select parents and alumni at a small invitation-only event.

“At PCD, we see a world that is changing so rapidly that it requires a different kind of education than the traditional prep school model,” said Kevin Folan, principal of the school. “We are redefining that model, transforming it and setting a new standard for private education.”

A “playbook” will be given to each child at the start of the school year to document each student’s strengths, challenges, accomplishments and aspirations. Depending on the school. each book aims to ensure that every student knows they are valued and will allow parents to see their child’s abilities and ambitions.

PCD decided to prioritize adjustment over finances, which is why they decided to cut tuition fees by over 35%. According to the school, in the last generation, household salaries have increased by 15% while PCD tuition fees have increased by 400% – the upsurge is typical for independent schools.

“Our administration and board believe in taking definitive action. So when we looked at the disparity between the range of students who succeed here who can afford the tuition – and how that went against our fundamentals – we felt compelled to dramatically reduce that cost. ” , Folan said.

Beginning in the 2021-2022 school year, high school tuition will increase from $ 39,250 to $ 25,000, and college tuition will increase from $ 34,400 to $ 22,000.

“Overall, ‘The Quest’ ensures that our graduates are prepared not only for success in college, but also in life,” said Chairman of the Board, David Bazar. “PCD continually reviews its program to strengthen the balance between academic and artistic rigor and lifelong preparation. With this effort, we are defining the needs of 21st century graduates and raising the bar for private education.

The school is also launching PCD Online Academy to enable students in Grades 6 to 12 who live outside the PCD drawing area to benefit from the school’s college preparation program.

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