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“I did not expect it”, can we read in the caption of the publication Insta.

By Trisha Sengupta

POSTED AUGUST 29, 2021 10:08 IST

There is something incredibly sweet about stories that tell about various acts of kindness. The internet is full of such stories and they leave people with a warm feeling. Concrete example, this sharing on Instagram which details a story told by a server involving a homeless person. Sharing has now conquered. Chances are it will have the same effect on you too.

“I wasn’t expecting it,” the shared caption read. The post is complete with two images that explain the story.

“I would like to share what I witnessed the other morning in Bagels N ‘Buns. I was waiting at the counter for an order and a homeless man asked one of the employees to fill his half-gallon plastic milk cartoon with water. The waiter said, “Why are you going to use it? “Now I put the gun in my head, thinking he must buy a bottle blah blah blah… The man said” drink “, the employee said” please go to the cooler and take the size of water he wanted. As’. He then filled the carton with milk as requested. The man thanked the employee for the water but said he was really hungry and needed a meal, ”one of the images reads. Take a look at the article to read the full story:


The post, since it was shared, has garnered over 2,500 likes and the number is only growing. The post also garnered tons of rave reviews.

“I certainly didn’t expect that. This is how humanity should be, ”wrote one Instagram user. “What a wonderful company,” shared another. “Thanks for sharing a wonderful story,” posted a third. Many shared heart emoticons to express their reactions.

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