Silver Wind resumes service after operational pause and major upgrade

Silver Wind resumes service for Silversea Cruises today after a 27-month operational hiatus.

Now offering expedition cruises to far-flung destinations, the ultra-luxury ship is also embarking on a new phase in its cruising career.

After a major upgrade that took place in 2021, the vessel is launching a set of new features that include a reinforced hull, ice detection sonars, 24 zodiacs and 14 kayaks.

Leaving for its first cruise since March 2020, the Wind welcomes its guests to Greece for a cruise to Portugal.

The 14-night itinerary sails from Piraeus to Lisbon and includes visits to unusual destinations in the Mediterranean, such as Delphi (Greece), Sousse (Tunisia), Motril (Spain) and San Remo (Italy).

Once in Portugal, the ship offers a cruise around the British Isles and Western Europe before sailing to Iceland and Svalbard, where it is expected to spend most of the summer.

The 2022 program also includes expeditions to Greenland and the Canadian Arctic, in addition to a unique route through the Northwest Passage.

Departing in late August, the 24-day expedition sails from Greenland to Alaska, with visits to remote destinations in northern Canada.

In December, the ship is set to debut in Antarctica, offering several expeditions to the white continent during the 2022-2023 season.

One of Silversea’s original vessels, the Silver Wind entered service in 1995. The 16,800 ton luxury vessel was built in Italy as a twin to the Silver Cloud built in 1994.

After 20 years of sailing around the world, the ship began its transformation in 2018 during a major refurbishment which included the modernization of cabins and public areas.

In 2021, work was completed at a second large drydock.

This time, the ship saw the addition of an ice-strengthened hull for cruising in polar waters, in addition to technology upgrades.

Other additions included a new state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant, new food waste treatment facilities, and new fuel-efficient boilers.

According to Silversea, the Wind has also received a set of upgrades that will enable immersive expedition cruising in both polar regions, as well as the world’s most remote tropical waters.

Among them, a capacity reduced to only 274, the presence of 28 expedition experts, a cloakroom and a special water heating system in the ship’s swimming pool.