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The rest of the delayed blockbusters will follow the superspy’s lead. But, with No Time to Die still monopolizing most of the big screens nationwide, Bond’s rivals have gone for another week of self-isolation. This slightly quirky animated sequel to 2019’s The Addams Family is aimed at viewers too young for aging super-spies. While this is fine for those under the age of 10, it is a pretty gruesome sight for adults looking for nostalgia.

Shamelessly tearing up the plot of the Hotel Transylvania 2, far more fun, this time the family embarked on a road trip in a smoke-spitting Gothic-style motorhome and driven by Thing to the severed hand.

Gomez (voiced by Oscar Isaac) tells his wife Morticia (Charlize Theron) that he wants to visit America’s many “dark secrets”. Sadly, all hopes of a satirical new edge vanish as the film uses stops at Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon to smash lazy gags on tourists taking selfies.

In one scene, Gomez brings his family into a modern building in Texas that a neon sign identifies as “the Alamo.” Once inside, two more letters come to life, revealing that this is an absurd establishment called “The Ala Motel”. That it took four credited writers to come up with this is truly scary.

Along the way, Uncle Fester (Nick Kroll) slowly transforms into a sea monster, Pugsley (Javon Walton) is on the hunt for his first girlfriend and Wednesday (Chloe Grace Moretz) suspects she may have been swapped to the birth.

The rambling plot is loaded enough to distract young minds, but parents and grandparents will miss the dark humor of the ’60s sitcom and’ 90s live-action flicks.

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