Today’s horoscope: September 21, 2021

Find out what the stars have in store for your zodiac sign

In the face of adversity, how engaged will you choose to be, Scorpio? Now is the time to find that inner alignment. A time to show yourself fully for who and what you love. Remember, the closer you are to your destination, the more tested you will be. So start building your strength and resilience now. You are at an important point in your life, Aries. A crossroads, if you will. You have the option of going in the direction you have considered so far or you can choose the path less traveled. Let your decisions be guided by faith rather than fear. Home is not a place, it is a feeling. Today you are called upon to clean up your space, both physically and energetically, so that you can call on a good juju. Crystal work is also a great way to realign your shrine.

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