Weather now: dry and pleasant first day of school; High wave advisory in effect

Back to school Monday! And the weather promises to be fine for the bus stops in the morning and afternoon. If you plan to hit the beach on Monday or Tuesday, the big waves will create dangerous rip currents… more on that below.

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As a cold front approaches, expect clouds to arrive overnight with temperatures dropping in the mid-1960s and then holding steady.

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This front can bring a few showers just before dawn (4-6 a.m.), but most areas should stay dry.

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There will be a few more clouds in the morning, but expect to see more and more sun in the morning.

The sky will continue to brighten throughout the day… we will have mostly sunny skies in the afternoon and evening.

So what should children wear on the first day of school? Shorts and t-shirts should be fine… it will be mild in the morning and warm in the afternoon. Monday’s highs will be in the mid-1970s.

Hurricane Paulette will pass our southeast well over the next few days, but is expected to develop into a major hurricane. Big waves will spread to southern New England over the next 2-3 days.

Expect a 5 to 8 foot breaking wave. Get away from rocks and jetties and be aware of the dangerous rip currents on area beaches. Most beaches do not have lifeguards at this time of year. A high wave advisory has been issued for the coasts of Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

-Meteorologist TJ Del Santo

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