Weekly horoscope (August 23 to 29): Pisces, Virgo, Taurus; Find out what to expect for the coming week

Financial gains, the start of money-generating activities and family harmony are the dominant themes of this week. What do the stars predict for you among these? Read your weekly forecast to find out.


People with the sign of Aries are likely to make gains due to an investment made earlier. The week will add a new source of income to your list. Things and conditions will remain favorable on the construction front. An official trip can suddenly be planned and executed in the middle of the week, which can also lead to significant expenses. Students will make solid gains this week. Your family life will remain normal. The end of the week will demand strict restraint on your speech.


People of the Taurus sign will make solid gains and receive auspicious news in their work. Your elders will also cooperate with you. You will make gains on land and real estate issues. Your financial situation will remain strong and stable. Maintain harmony with your life partner. Business people will have to work very hard and put in a lot of effort. There will be some kind of tension towards the end of the week.


People with the Gemini sign are likely to find a solution to their problem. Your brothers and sisters will cooperate with you adequately. You will be working very hard in the workplace, which will allow all the pending tasks to be completed. You can spend a lot of money to give alms. You will feel more heat than usual for your offspring. The end of the week demands caution on the health front and a distance from unnecessary problems and conflicts.


People with cancer will notice a significant improvement in their health problems. Make sure your speech doesn’t hurt people around you or humiliate them. You will be in favorable situations for work related problems. Employees will receive adequate support from their colleagues. There will be problems in your married life. There will be a good chance of making monetary gains.


People of the sign Leo will achieve auspicious results in the workplace. A trade deal can fall into your pot this week. Your family life will remain very pleasant. The middle of the week can lead to health problems and unnecessary expenses. You will be more interested than usual in religious rituals. There will be chances of making monetary gains. Don’t get into a heated argument or debate with your senior officers. You will make gains because of your offspring.


People of the sign of Virgo will come out victorious if they are involved in legal disputes. There will be a good chance of undertaking official trips. Business people are expected to make gains this week. You may have to face some health issues. Your coordination with your life partner will remain good. Students are likely to achieve great results because of the hard work they put in.


People with the sign of Libra are likely to gain new ways of generating income. Monetary investments will bring great profit. Your relations with your offspring will become harmonious. Students will ensure success this week. Your life partner is likely to make gains in the workplace. A health problem can cause some discomfort. There will be some misunderstandings to resolve.


People with the Scorpio sign are likely to remain slightly restless for the first few days of the week. It will be a productive week for work-related earnings. Your seniors will be delighted with your performance. The middle of the week can bring significant financial gain. It is an extremely positive week for lovers and for those who want someone special in their life. You can buy an interior decoration item. Your enemies can dominate you. You may experience problems due to your lethargy.


People of the sign of Sagittarius are likely to make solid gains on all fronts. You will remain confident and optimistic about your job throughout the week. You will win because of your brother and sister. Those who are in higher education are likely to be successful in their endeavors. Your family and married life will remain normal. The end of the week will bring monetary gains. Your relationship with your offspring will gain even more strength. It is advisable to avoid unnecessary stress.


People of the sign Capricorn will have a pleasant family life. Their financial situation will continue to improve. You will do all your work with a high level of sincerity and also be successful. Your bond with your life partner will grow stronger. A difference of opinion can arise between you and your offspring. There will be plenty to keep your business going. Take care of your health as muscle pain can hit you hard.


People with the Aquarius sign are ready to make their wishes come true this week. Your business is about to skyrocket as the expansion will be at an unimaginable rate and level. You will make a good profit. You will be successful in your efforts to improve your financial situation. Students are likely to be successful in their endeavors. It is advisable to show restraint on your temperament. It will be a week for monetary gains. Your health will remain good.


Pisces sign that people are likely to get stuck running around the city for the first few days of the week. Official travel will have to be undertaken and this will require increased expenses. The second part of the week will bring success. Your pending tasks are likely to be completed. If there has been a skirmish in your married life, it will be ironed out. Your savings should increase dramatically over the weekend. Your health will remain good except for repeated headaches.

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