Weekly horoscope (August 9 to 15): Scorpio, Cancer, Aries; Find out what to expect for the coming week

Being blessed with a baby or harmonious relationships with your offspring as well as hard work on the labor front characterizes this week for most of you. What do the stars do for you specifically? Read your weekly forecast to find out.


People of the sign Aries are likely to make solid gains from their speech which will remain very effective and influential. You will get positive results against the background of your offspring. Some of you are likely to be lucky enough to have a baby if you put in the effort. The middle of the week brings health and expense issues. Your hard work will get great results in the workplace today. Students will perform well. If you are single, the chances of having discussions about marriage alliances are high. There will be an influx of money.


People with the Taurus sign will face some issues on the labor front during the first few days of the week, but eventually your job will be done. Employees will make gains. The middle of the week will bring sudden monetary gains. Students will succeed in solving a major problem this week. Take care of your mother’s health. Your own health requires attention because physical exhaustion can completely exhaust you. Refrain from trusting people beyond a limit and lending an amount.


People with the Gemini sign will remain very confident throughout the week. There will be a good chance of making money and gaining prestige in the workplace. The support of your siblings will be helpful in solving your problems. A stressful problem can arise in the middle of the week. You can spend lavishly on buying things that you really like. You will make gains through your offspring. The end of the week will bring monetary gains. Your family life will remain normal.


People who are sign of cancer will receive extremely favorable news on the monetary front. The support of your family members will give mental and emotional strength. You will be successful in your work-related efforts by the middle of the week. Take care of your health as headaches can persist. Avoid arguments with your life partner and offspring. The end of the week can bring some unwanted expenses.


Leo sign people will make solid gains in the workplace. The week will bring excellent gains on the monetary front. A new source of income is likely to be finalized. It will remain a favorable week on the labor front. A pending task is likely to be completed, finally. You will gain prestige among the people. Your family ethics will remain good. You will run into problems due to physical exhaustion and lethargy.


People with the sign of Virgo will remain stressed for the first few days of the week due to unforeseen expenses. There will be excessive running in the workplace. Official travel is also possible. The middle of the week will bring favorable situations. Achieving something will bring happiness. There will be chances to make financial progress. There will be an ethic of love at home. Take care of your health especially if you are a sugar patient.


People with the sign of Libra are likely to experience strong monetary gains. You can get your hands on new ways to make money. The situations will remain favorable in terms of work. The middle of the week can lead to excessive workload and expense. You may be able to stabilize or formalize your love affair. Students will achieve the desired results. Your health will remain good. You will earn money and receive support from your friends.


People of the sign of Scorpio are likely to achieve good and beneficial results in the workplace. Your elders will remain satisfied with your work. There will be chances of an increase in your prestige and also an increase in the level of comfort and enjoyment. You will be successful in your efforts to achieve monetary gains in the middle of the week. Control your lethargy. The weekend can lead to overspending. A trip can also be planned.


People of the sign Sagittarius will increasingly participate in religious activities. The week will bring favorable results on the labor front. Your life partner will support you adequately. Your colleagues will support you adequately. Those who make efforts to acquire a new job will be very successful. You will make monetary gains. Your health will also remain good.


People of the sign Capricorn will remain annoyed due to health and money issues for the first few days of the week. Your family life will remain enjoyable throughout the week. Students will have to do a lot of hard work. You can achieve exceptionally positive results, but the workload will remain excessive. The middle of the week will bring a highly favorable stroke of luck that will make your work easy to end. Maintain harmony and approach congruence with your life partner. Be restrained from your expenses.


The people of the Aquarius sign will make solid gains through these trade deals. Some of you are likely to start a new project or an agreement. Your family and married life will remain exceptionally pleasant and harmonious. Pay attention to your health mid-week and your spending should stay high. Your luck will remain favorable. If you want to have a child, your wish can come true. Official travel can be arranged.


Pisces sign that people are likely to get the amount back if they loaned it to someone. You will indeed very easily succeed in contracting a bank loan if you need it. It will be a race week for work. Your confidence will be useful and will prove to be effective in solving work problems. It will be a positive week for business people. Your life partner will earn money from your stars. A health problem can arise at the end of the week. Stay away from unnecessary problems and spend the money wisely.

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