Wife of veteran repays kindness to them

ROBSTOWN, TX – Pedro and Raquel Lerma, the couple we recently featured on Veterans In Focus who had issues with entrepreneurs, were overwhelmed with the response to their story and the help they receive with their wards. bath.

They say they wanted to return that cuteness, because that’s what they are.

“It is our goal, my husband and I, to help,” said Raquel Lerma.

After receiving help when needed, the Lermas wanted to help someone else. A motorized scooter that belonged to Raquel’s father, Manuel Moreno, provided the opportunity.

“It’s important for me to keep the faith, to give it to someone who really needs it,” said Lerma. “I could have sold it, but I don’t need the money.”

With our help, Lerma found the perfect recipient in Ron Saddler. A veteran like his father; a Vietnam veteran like her husband.

“Since my dad was a veteran, what more (fitting) than giving to a vet?” Lerma said.

“I don’t have a lot of lung capacity,” Saddler said. “Agent Orange pulled it out. I cannot walk more than 100 feet at the most.

Saddler has needed a scooter for over a year since Hurricane Hanna took him away. Thanks to the Lermas, this former captain of the 101st Airbone Div. will find daily tasks a little easier.

He said he was more than grateful.

“You have no idea,” Saddler said. “I can take this and go check my mail without getting in my car, start it to go check it.”

When the Lermas first told KRIS Communications about the scooter, they mentioned that it needed a new battery. They decided to pay for one themselves, to make sure the scooter worked for whoever received it.

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