World Bike Day: Lack of dedicated lanes a major obstacle for cycling enthusiasts in Amritsar : The Tribune India

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Charanjit Singh Teja

Amritsar, June 3

Cycling has become people’s favorite activity in recent years and many can be seen pedaling the roads to keep fit. However, the lack of dedicated cycle lanes is a major obstacle for cycling enthusiasts.

Walkers using the cycle path

  • Cyclists on the Trillium Mall trail cannot use the bike path as older people use it for their morning and evening rides. Walkers prefer to walk inside the cycle path for their own safety. Therefore, cyclists are forced to stay outside while older people walk inside the track.
  • Karan, a cyclist said: “Morning and evening walkers enter the track for their walks, so it is not possible to cycle inside the track. We avoid using it out of respect for the elderly.
  • When asked, the elderly replied: “The bike path is safe for walking. There is enough space outside the cycle path.

There are several options for building bike lanes, such as near the banks of the UBDC Canal, but so far there is only a 2km long lane near the Trillium Mall.

As part of the Smart City projects, the administration had proposed a network of dedicated cycle paths stretching 23.2 km across the city. It is estimated to cost Rs 19.22 crore. Under it, two types of tracks will be laid with sufficient width. On narrow roads, epoxy paint markings will be present on the surface to indicate the cycle path. The cycle path will be laid out on the ring road along the walled city, Ranjit Avenue, Islamabad area, Maqbool Road and Mall Road. Connecting residential areas with educational institutes such as Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU) and Khalsa College, public parks, Gobindgarh Fort will be one of the major features. It will provide easy accessibility for cyclists.

Initially, a 2.5 km track at Ranjit Avenue was built as part of the Smart City pilot project. Similarly, a cycle path inside Sakatri Bagh is also under construction.

In the absence of an alternative mode of transportation, people willing to embrace cycling as a healthy and eco-friendly option are still waiting for a dedicated bike lane in the city. Doctors and environmentalists are also urging people to embrace cycling to avoid traffic jams.

“There are several tracks announced by the government in the past under the Smart City project. Some of the proposed tracks are under construction. Dedicated tracks should be available along all roads like those available in Chandigarh. public will not take the bike on The infrastructure needs to be developed to make cyclists feel safe The city government is only focusing on cyclists who have adopted it for their fitness,” said Dr Gurpreet Singh, a cyclist.

On Friday, a cycling rally was launched from India Gate to Khandwala to mark World Cycling Day in Amritsar.

Reduce the pollution in their minds…

Amritsar: On the occasion of World Bicycle Day, Nehru Yuva Kendra, Amritsar, under the auspices of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, in collaboration with the district administration, organized a bicycle rally from India on Friday Gate to Khandwala Chowk. More than 150 people participated in the rally. The cycles were decorated with tricolor balloons and flags. The idea of ​​reducing pollution by using cycles was promoted with a spirit of patriotism and nationalism. Harpreet Singh, SDM-II, Amritsar, was the chief guest. The program began with the national anthem followed by a performance by a team from the North Zone Cultural Center. They presented a street theater play on the theme of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. After that, the Youth Leader of Nehru Yuva Kendra District, Amritsar, Aakanksha paid tribute to the chief guest and other guests after which the cycling rally was signalled. TNS